SANDI BEEBE - Vivre en Gaspésie






She is retired from Education


What do you love about Gaspésie?

Nature and connecting with friends with whom I grew up. From my house, I look south and see Chaleur Bay. I am lucky to have family in the region and we are truly intergenerational. I am retired from Education. I have several fulfilling activities that are satisfying, including a Book Club. Also, being involved with activities in the community is often fulfilling.

Why did you choose Gaspésie?

Returning to my roots in New Carlisle in 1998 after three decades in Montreal was more than a homecoming; it was a reunion with family, nostalgia, and perfect timing. My arrival was great. I had two lovely years living with my mother. Also, with a career in Education, I easily fell into work.

In this special time of opportunity, embracing bilingualism opens doors to a well-rounded experience.Despite the lengthy winters and springs, Gaspésie is full of activities waiting to be explored.

Few words to describe Gaspésie :

My Gaspesie is a place of keeping close with nature

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