GREG LEBLANC - Vivre en Gaspésie




He works for Public health as a community organizer.

What do you love about Gaspésie?


Since moving here, we have started a family, bought a house, and found a great network of friends. We love living here, feeling it is an amazing place to have a family, enjoy nature, and taking in culture and activities. We live in a cozy, friendly neighborhood, surrounded by trees, and are a few minutes from the beach and one of the best views in Canada for sunsets. We are so lucky to be here. 

For a small population, I have found an amazing variety of activities, culture, businesses, and services. The people are so friendly and welcoming.

Why did you choose Gaspésie?

I came here to be close to my parents-in-law, to learn French, to seek new adventures, and to be closer to the sea.

My partner is also from New Brunswick, from the northwest; she is a francophone, and her parents are originally fromQuebec, they moved to the Gaspé coast for their retirement. My girlfriend and I met at university, and after finishing her studies in English, she encouraged me to learn French.  Later, she got a job in Gaspésie, which is why we moved to Carleton specifically.

 – One of the best choices we’ve ever made! 

Few words to describe Gaspésie:

Warm, inclusion, fun, and dynamic – the Gaspésie is the place to be

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