EMMA MCGINNIS - Vivre en Gaspésie




She works at Vision Gaspé-Percé Now, a community organization that helps anglophones in our community.

What do you love about Gaspésie?

Gaspe is an amazing place to raise a family and I hope to keep up the linage of bilingual kids! We do have 2 cats (Patrick and Rayna) and a dog (Winston). They also love Gaspe! Currently, we live in York at first lake (lac fromenteau) so we have an absolutely beautiful view. I never considered myself a nature lover, but since moving I have absolutely fallen in love with my surroundings and everything that involves the outdoors. Honestly, I never expected to love the woods, but now the further away from people the better. I don’t think there is a better feeling than giving your dog the best life possible and that truly is what I witness every day. I could honestly write a whole book on how amazing this place is! 

Why did you choose Gaspésie?

My husband is Derrick McCallum, who is from Gaspe and his family has been here forever. His family is a great example of how the French and English communities mix together through relationships. I feel like that is one thing I have noticed with Gaspe, a lot of couples seem to be bilingual. I was very nervous to move to Quebec being from Ontario but Gaspe is an amazing place – everyone is extremely friendly, encouraging and willing to help even if you don’t speak French. The mix of communities makes this place culturally unique and overall welcoming to outsiders. We don’t have children yet, but hopefully in the near future. 

Few words to describe Gaspésie:

 Take a minute to smell the air. Salt water fixes everything. 

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