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Sense of belonging


The Hearing is a mock trial that takes place in the Secondary 5 English class.

Students are invited to play the various roles in a trial and to develop arguments for or against the accused. The defendant is a fictitious influencer accused of spreading false rumours about Gaspésie.

The Crown tries to convince the jury that the influencer is guilty of damaging the reputation of Gaspésie and contributing to the departure of young people. The defence builds a case for the accused. The members of the jury declare the verdict and the judge, the sentence.


Planning your future in Gaspésie

In a few years’ time, graduates will have to decide whether they want to stay, leave or return to Gaspésie. However, the Institut de la statistique du Québec has revealed that only 28% of young Gaspesians return to settle in Gaspésie before the age of 33.

This activity gives them an opportunity to update their knowledge of the region and its true professional and personal prospects. As a result, they will be better equipped to base their decisions on facts rather than perceptions.

The hearing 2023

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