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Every year, 2,000 newcomers choose to settle in Gaspésie. They may be native Gaspesians returning to the region, or people from elsewhere in Québec or around the world. All these Gaspesians, by birth or adoption, are helping to make the region more vibrant than ever through their involvement, their work and their many projects. Find out who they are and why they chose Gaspésie.

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« Living on the coast has helped teach me the importance of embracing your current situation and living in the moment. I truly understand the expression, “make hay while the sun shines,” or for me, “go garden when it's not raining,” or “snowshoe when the powder is fluffy and the wind’s died down.” »

  • She is from Ottawa, Ontario
  • Lives in Shigawake since the summer of 2021
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« The quality of life here is second to none. I have such a beautiful nature in my backyard: from the sea to the mountains, it takes my breath away every day. It's a peice of paradise on Earth. »

  • He is from Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Lives in Carleton-sur-mer
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« Fun winters!! Since moving here I have learned to love winter, I think having fun things to do and having the appropriate skidoo suits helps. In Ottawa, we used to joke that you don't see anyone in winter, it was like everyone was hibernating because the streets were noticeably dead. While Gaspe has more snow than I have ever seen, it makes it so much fun!! »

  • She is from Barrie, Ontario
  • Lives in Gaspé
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Gabrielle Hélène Coulter

"Nature everywhere I look, and a pace of life that reflects my values."

  • She is from London, Ontario
  • Now lives in Gaspé
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Sandi Beebe

"From my house, I look south and see Chaleur Bay. I am lucky to have family in the region and we are truly intergenerational."

  • She is from New Carlisle
  • She is back in New Carlisle
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Sam Tucker

« Gaspé is perfect for us, as we both grew up in small towns. It's what we know. I grew up in the forest, and farmer's fields... Here in Douglas, we have everything on our doorstep. It's so easy to get out, enjoy nature and the space ».

  • Retford, England
  • Now lives in Douglastown, since 2023
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