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School Principal : New Carlisle High School

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Job offer


Non disponible


Eastern Shores School Board


between $84,101 and $112,113

Publication date

June 26, 2023


New Carlisle


100% Full Time Effective July 2023

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The position requires a candidate with strong administrative, pedagogical, communication and leadership skills who is prepared to undertake management responsibilities for human, financial, material and technical resources. Given the importance of community involvement to New Carlisle High School, the candidate must be able to establish very good relations with the surrounding communities they serve in order to cultivate, promote, and maintain a positive, nurturing, supportive, and inclusive school culture.

A thorough knowledge of all Quebec educational programs and resources, as well as the capacity to adapt all requirements to meet the needs of multi-age and multi- level classes, is a must.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or an undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study;

  • A graduate university degree with a minimum of 30 credits in school leadership or administration. Candidates enrolled in such a program will be considered if they have completed a minimum of 6 credits

  • Eight (8) years of relevant experience, preferably in both a primary and secondary school setting,including (5) five years teaching experience.

  • A permanent teaching licence as issued by the Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur. Candidates who hold a valid teaching license in another province will be considered.

  • Bilingualism solid competence in oral and written communications.



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